13-inch MacBook Pro Mid 2009 Data Doubler 2nd Hard Drive/SSD Installation Video

OWC’s step-by-step video of how to install the OWC Data Doubler in the Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch (Mid 2009Unibody) with Model ID: MacBookPro5,5.

OWC ‘Data Doubler’ 2.5″ Hard Drive/SSD Installation Kit
Compatible 2.5″ SATA Hard Drives & Solid State Drives:
Tools Used in the video:
Professional installation available:
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Additional Video Links:
Discharging Static Electricity: http://www.macsales.com/static
OS X & Data Transfer: http://www.macsales.com/format2012
Backup Your Data: http://www.macsales.com/drive-copy

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  1. please someone help. in my machine the screws for the optical bay are different to the phillips screws in the rest of my computer. my phillips 00 screwdriver isnt able to unscrew these :S any suggestions?

  2. Totally thinking of doing this. All i've done to my mid2009 13" 2.53 is bump the ram to 8gb. For a laptop getting into her cougar years she easily keeps up with a lot of the low end new models today 🙂 It's brilliant, I think the last time i even used the optical is when i boot camped win7 lol.

    Q, is there a weight difference after doing this? lighter? sorry if i missed that fact somewhere…

  3. USB 2.0 has a maximum transfer rate of up to 60MB/s while the internal SATA bus of the machine can transfer data up to 300MB/s – so if the drive itself can transfer data faster than 60MB/s, then you would be losing performance by connecting it externally.

  4. Instead of doing this can I use a usb enclosure and use my old hard drive like that? I know it won't be internal but would I be getting the same performance?. By the way I am using the OWC express enclosure.

  5. I was thinking of doing this with my mac. I currently have the stock 160 GB hard drive. My idea was to run OS X from a new 256 GB SSD and run Windows 7 or 8 on my stock 160 GB HDD. What do you think? I'd like to have your opinion. and is it easy to set up that way?

  6. That is certainly one way to go. Windows can be installed through Apple's Boot Camp software on one of the drives.You install Boot Camp with Boot Camp Assistant, located in the Applications>Utilities folder in Mac OS X. Directions are included once you launch the Assistant.(note: Boot Camp itself does not include a copy of Windows – you need to supply your own) Once installed though, you can hold option and choose which drive / OS to boot from at startup.

  7. Can someone explain this to me?? If i put a second hard drive in a macbook pro to use one for OS X and one for windows does that mean to change between windows and OS X i simply hold the option key when starting up the computer to choose?? Im really confused here so please help 🙂 thanks

  8. @OWCmacsales I orderd stuff from you two times and I always have a problem, even now I still waiting for your parcel for three weeks. I can't cancel it and you ddn't offer me any discount for my waitings. I will never user your service and I'll tell my store on every forum I find in internet.

  9. @Artaxerxes91 the optical drive isnt as needed as it was a few years ago. Car stereos use bluetooth to connect to ipods and some come with HDD. Far as movies and software goes usb flash drives fill in the blanks. In less than 10 yrs the Macbook air will be a standard.

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