Alienware: Upgrade to Windows 10

Preparing to upgrade to ‪#‎Windows10‬? Safe yourself some time and hassle by remembering to backup your current image and downloading some necessary updates before converting!

In this video you can find some tips for a proper installation in your Alienware computer. Leave us a message if you may have any issues!


  1. I need some help with my Alienware 17 R1. I did a clean install of Win 10 using the Media Creation Tool. I seem to have gone wrong somewhere as I've completely lost my integrated Intel graphics card. It's missing from my Device Manager and from my BIOS. I only have access to the Geforce 770M. As such, I can't even install the Intel graphics card driver from the Dell Support site. All other drivers installed without issue. I have no idea when I lost the card, whether during this clean install or my previous Upgrade to Win 10 as I wasn't paying attention. Note: during initial upgrade, I didn't follow the guide on Dell Support or on your Channel as I wasn't aware there would be specific conditions to upgrade the laptop. That means during initial upgrade I didn't turn off Secure Boot in the BIOS, nor did I uninstall my graphics card drivers prior to upgrade. Any help would be appreciated as I need this fixed URGENTLY for some pending work.

  2. ok i have finished the upgrade to windows10 (i have an alienware 17 R2 bought 6 months ago) following this guide and these are the results:
    1) ethernet doesnt work, only the wi -fi…i tried everything from youtube and still doesnt work,
    2) sound only works from headphone and not soundblaster recon 3di…
    3) the lights on my keyboard dont work…….
    and 4) now my laptop sometimes makes a noise and freezes for a couple of a seconds!!!!!
    I am in a desperate condition and i really need help…..Before the upgrade everything was perfect guys.

  3. I just upgraded my Aurora R3. everything work fine except I have NO audio. Any ideas? I have deleted the NVIDIA drivers and reinstalled them. I tried using Windows HD drivers. when troubleshooting I get the response of "Audio services not responding". From here I go into services and reset both "windows audio" and "windows audio endpoint builder". still no luck. Any help would be appreciated

  4. hi there, how can I download alien software for my aura r4? because I did clean install but did not had back up. please help me how can I install alienware software

  5. hi there, after i upgrade to window 10 my hard drive died in 5 days later :/ i lost all data. now i dont have oem alien software because i dont remember where i put! so i decide to buy new one and SSD so i like to ask question before i install window 10 tht do i have to disable the secure boot for install window 10 also? and later can i enable once it done. please back to me

  6. Okay is done i k now how to install sucesfull Windows 10 in r3 download windows 10 in pen drive restart your computer and press F12 and select USB when windows 10 start to install this will be restarted when your computer start to Load windows 10 will be stopped shutdown your computer and remove your USB and let your computer download windows 10 dont press anything and your computer will install Windows normal

  7. So I bought a Alienware x51 r2 i3-4170 and it worked fine for a few months, then I had it factory reset and it started to act really laggy on games and low fps on game i got high fps on before. I tried calling and they did something but it didn't work. Please help!!!

  8. I would recommend keeping Windows 7, or 8. Since I upgraded this $2,000 computer has had nothing but issues. Random crashes, 3-5 minute boot every damn time, actually first boot is always greeted by a blue recovery screen and then I need to shut down and restart again.
    Sounds drivers fail often, sounds disappears and requires a restart to fix.
    Blutooth no longer picks up my devices
    I really regret purchasing an Alienware computer but in all honesty, I know it's a good machine it's Windows 10 that is ruining it. That being said, Alienware needs to work harder to ensure compatibility, because there HAS to be issues, it's not me. I'm OK with computers.

  9. Just upgraded model m18x to windows 10 home clean install, no back up. I was able to round up all the drivers and all features are working. I resolved an issue with HDMI signal loss (I got a HDMI 2.0 cable for it). I was able to edit the system Information window with alienware model, logo, and support link. It work nice. I run it in clamshell mode connected to a 50 inch plasma. I am able to put it to sleep and wake it up with wireless usb keyboard.

  10. I just upgraded to windows 10 on my area 51 alx ~2010 model. since doing so I can't properly shutdown. the fans and vents flare then it turns of as if I've held down the power button, leaving a orange to red flashing light.
    I'm on a11 bios a

  11. I own the m11x r1 and have a clean install of windows 10 . Are there any optimizations I need and/or can do? It is running a bit sluggish to be honest. The windows 10 version I got is the 64bit pro N.

  12. Has a solution to the commander center been fixed relating to windows 10? I had to clean copy install windows 10 after it got corrupted and sent my X51 R2 into endless sleep mode, by passing my BIOS. Now that I have a clean copy I cannot install my command center. It says that it is not compatible with the windows 10 platform. I don't want to be stuck with the 'stock' green' lights on the tower or keyboard forever. And I'd like to have my gaming keys back on my left hand side. =( I've tried from my CD which came with my windows 7, as well as Dell's windows 8 offered on their website.

  13. BEWARE!! Horrible advice! DO NOT CHOOSE EXPRESS SETTINGS!!! Absolutely do not choose express settings when setting up windows 10 or your privacy will be violated in a manner much more extreme than any other previous operating system. Take the time to turn off the trackers and other items Windows 10 employs to keep tabs on you. Then download spybot anti-beacon.

  14. Hi, I have this M18R2 with I7-3920mx +780msli trying to update to WIN10. The update software keep saying my graphic card doesn't support for win10. Is there anything I could do about it?Also I heard win 10 + Nvdia driver destroy the LCD screen of certain models. Is that true? Thanks!

  15. — Actually, Maybe you could just tell me what is wrong with it. Everything works and I'm even able to access any site easily, right now it's just the videos, Like here on YouTube. Do you think that's a issue with the update to windows or do you think it's something just in general with loading speed?

  16. ok, never mind on the audio part. I just figured that out. TG> > > But, I still help with the upgrade. Do I need to follow these instructions to fix this computer? These exact instructions or are there other ones that are more specific to this model?CPU: Intel I7 3.33GHz, Ram: 6200GB, OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, HD: 600 GB. This is the information I have on this model? I just need to know if this update will work on this model by following these exact directions?

  17. I just purchased(resale) a Dell Alienware Aurora Computer. Everything seems perfectly fine *except the audio and it will not load most YouTube videos. Are these directions the exact directions I will need to update this computer? Also, do you think that you could help me figure out what's going on with my audio? Please let me know asap, thank you.

  18. why does my Alienware 14 only have a 6 cell battery available
    6 cells only provide power for about 20 min of gameplay
    considering this cost me $2500 i would expect at the minimum a 12 cell battery to at least be an option even if it costs extra
    and i cant even change the batteries on the go (such as on a plane) because the battery is sealed inside the computer and you need a screwdriver to replace it (good luck getting that in your carry on) and i cant even charge it in my car because there is no 12V adapter for sale (i have to use an inverter instead which is very inefficient)

    also it overheats like crazy mine gets up to 80c and shuts down at 85c yet Alienware tech support says its normal!!!

    a few design improvements that you should take on board
    1: bigger batteries 12 cell at a minimum (24 cell recommended)
    2: 12/24V car charger as an optional extra
    3: better cooling system!!!!!!!!
    4: ability to change the battery without disassembling the computer!!!

  19. who would want that cancer on their expensive computer??????

    il stick with windows 7
    i tried windows 8 and it was the worst operating system i have ever used second only to android

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