Buil Root Custom Firmware IOS 9 iPhone 5 (Global) Delete Setup.app iCloud

Buil root Firmware IOS 9 Delete Setup.app Restore Skip iCloud Lock Screen iPhone 5

Download Tools Here: (http://adf.ly/1Fe1qh)
Warning Don’t Restore iTunes Error
Restore imobiledevice only

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  1. iphone 5s [ios 8.4] stuck at Activation Lock. i can't get pass through the
    lock, beacause i forgot the ID and Password{just used the ID to make an
    apple account}. i gave the phone to repair shop for an issue, but they
    reset the phone. AND i dont remember the password. PLEASE

  2. guys I downloaded this and deleted the setup .app file and whent through whole process with people and got tips to repack the firmware in the end and this is a 100000000000% fail it Doent work yes I repeat DOESN"T WORK this vids are made for you to like remember a million votes and aparrently u get paid but youtube so I heard. so please think before CLICKING LIKE BUTTON THANKS and I cloud isn't possible to bypass !!!!!!!!!!!!! ill give 1 dollor usd and I bet I see no one that comes forth or that has successfully Bypassed an ios 7/8/9/9.2.1 theres noooooooo one that can do this yet even duolci TEAM there a fake confirmed by apple !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not even duolci bypassed it was an edited video

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