Bypass 99 percent complete! 4s 5 5c all models ios 8 4 itunes 12 2 libmobiledevice

This video is very long “trial and error” showing how to use libmobiledevice and get your shsh,download and restore ios 8.4 with libmobile, usage of vfdecrypt,bypass error 14 (outdated itunes error) also showing libmobile recognizing any device on 8.4 and itunes 12.2 and passing ibss ibec and sending payload!! This is NOT complete but if you can understand what is going on in the video using, libmobile,vfdecrypt, editing host files,plists and xml files you can bypass.. Also by using this method you might get the restore to complete by swapping your CUSTOM rootfs DMG with the one created by libmobile.Timing is crutial!! And this may possibly brick your phone, if you dont understand PLEASE DONT TRY! Make sure you have a decrypted rootfs DMG ready and the 8.4 files i have uploaded with XML and logs.This should work on all models with rootfs keys , libmobile will create your files when you use -l (latest)and update to ios 8.4 you will need them to restore OR use mine for models 5,1 5,2 and 5c 5,3 all files are in the description.. Please DONT complain that you updated to ios 8.4 and lost some kind of chance to bypass.. just do NOT try this! There are many fake videos , survey’s, .exe bypass files (viruses) pop up ads and so on.. try one of those instead.. In MY opinion 8.4 is more vulnerable.. Dislikes do NOT bother me so if you feel the need to dislike feel free and get off my channel, BUT stupid and unnecessary comments DO so if you feel the need to spam or post nasty comments you will get reported and banned, and all comments will be disabled and all videos made private..
Good luck!
Here are the files generated my libi when doing a true update
to ios 8.4 and output log and xml iphone 5 5,1
iphone 5 5,2 ios 8.4 output files and log and xml
iphone 5c 5,3 files log and xml
Tiny umbrella server
My-VfDecrypt files
My libmobile device files working on 8.4 and itunes 12.2
The video starts off with idevicerestore.exe and saving your shsh, then using -L to download latest firmware use iphone firmware wiki to copy and paste your device model (current) ipsw,the copy and paste the generated 8.4 files into your libmobiledevice folder, REMOVE YOUR CUSTOM DMG! IT WILL GET DELETED!! NOTE! Itunes will mess up your host files!! delete them! and idevicerestore will delete you custom DMG!!
Feel free to skip to the following
Installing Quamotion imobiledevice msi at 6:00
Editing host file at 8:00
Tiny umbrella at 10:00
li-win.jar placement to make umbrella work, plists ,xml and lockdown at 12:00
Firmware wiki keys & vfdecrypt usage at 14:00
Download complete and ready to start bypass at 28:00
actual bypass/restore (mostly trial and error) host problems start at 34:00
Driver installations at 36:00
Driver succesfull intall at 42:00
Payload delivery and installation/bypass (swapping original dmg with custom dmg) starts 45:00
Swapping dmg’s with custom & ramdisk,ibss, ibec etc.. And sending file system! Maybe instead of “swap” you unplug when in restore mode then swap dmg… Dont know still testing.. Good luck


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