Completely Uninstalling TeamViewer on Mac OSX

Complete automatic uninstall of TeamViewer on a Mac, along with all it’s components in under 2 minutes


  1. I'm not sure it is done, …in the status bar the TeamViewer icon is still there, …and in mine I am unable to exit it, …I did the same but I can still see continuos errors in the consol, system.log

  2. Some Moog Cocksucker just called "From Microsoft" and put me through the paces of installing Teamviewer for twenty Fucking Minutes! I told him I had Apple and-Dig THIS-he had me open Safari and put it in. Now-NOT being Retarded or having Alzheimer's Disease myself (I'm only 55) WHY would I play Along?? To waste the Asshole's TIME, of COURSE!! u people who ignore Robocalls only make the problem WORSE! It's no skin off Their Nose if folks don't pick up the phone! I got him to give Up by actually offering to give my credit card number on the phone. "Why would you DO that, Sir?" "So you can make Money!" THEN he knew that I was a Much better Thesbian than Leonard Di Caprio or Donald Day Lewis, so there was a Busy Signal-end of Call. I put teamviewer in the Trash, but I'm worried the roots of the Cancer may still be on my System-LOL

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