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  1. Hey there, I'm trying to save my files onto an external hard drive… my computer prompts me to file vault. A message displays that states that one or more users are using file vault, then when I attempt to turn off file vault it says that 165 gb of free space is needed. How do I fix this ?

  2. Okay, so I have a question. My Mac Book Retina display randomly froze up on me. I restarted it but my cursor didn't work along with my keyboard. Googled how to fix it myself and I booted it up into safe mode and the only way I was able to log back in was when it offered the option to disable I believe it said Fire Vault. I did it and I got back the function of my keyboard/touchpad again, and right now it's currently Decrypting. What the fuck is going on right now? Is there anything else I need to know?

  3. For those considering enabling FileVault 2, many Apple employees don't recommend using it especially if you forget either recovery key, master password, or the 3 security questions for unlocking the encrypted hard drive. If you don't know password, answers for 3 security questions, or recovery key, YOU'RE SCREWED! Apple cannot help you if you forget all of those 3 things. If you cannot unlock the encrypted hard drive, your data will be FOREVER lost and unrecoverable. FileVault 2 is not hacker proof. It can also cause unpleasant trouble when your Mac is turned off during the encryption process. This incident will disrupt the encryption process (FileVault has no option for you to stop it and resume it) and the hard drive will not be properly encrypted and you'll get an error message. This doesn't stop for some unfortunate users. The encryption error will also cause you to being unable to turn off the FileVault (the program refuses to get turned off) and eventually you'll have to use either Recovery Disk Assistant or erase the hard drive and reinstall the whole OSX. Even worse, when some users restart their Macs, they may get Gray Screen of Death with a prohibitory sign instead of an Apple icon. In my theory, FileVault may be responsible for making Mac's hard drive unrecognizable or broken (I had this incident). Also FileVault eats up your hard drive's storage because its encryption takes up more space and memory. It's up to you to decide whether or not to use FileVault 2. But in my experience, I don't find it very convenient. Instead, use iCloud so you can track down and erase your Mac if it's stolen or lost.

  4. Hi, i got a macbook air so I tried to use filevault, but it's totally a nightmare! my macbook starts normaly,I log in at the first window with the correct password, then desktop appears but totally slow it just still processing but you can't open anything on dock, somebody could help me? is it normally? i must wait or is it wrong?

  5. @electrotech555 It won't cause any more problems than usual. This is because file vault never actually decrypts your data, it just mounts an encrypted volume and decrypts on the fly. That is also why it doesn't take forever to log in 😉

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