Fix a OS X Yosemite “item is temporarily unavailable” Download Error

OS X Yosemite is available now as a free download from the Mac App Store, but many users are experiencing this error message: “We could not complete your request” Null error and a “This item is temporarily unavailable” error alert.

This means you should either try again later, or refresh the App Store and attempt to download again. Hit Command+R then choose the “Free” button to begin the download.

Learn more at:


  1. I know how to fix for everyone having this problem, turn your Mac off and before starting it hold "Command+Option+R" then turn it on and it will be able to do an Internet recovery. Just install that OS and you're good!!

  2. i got a mac here with me and I have no clue as I use windows but ive got that problem but I think it is because the file is no longer on the app store to download or maybe cus mac suck in general cus its my friends mac

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