Fix fan noise and overheat in Macbook Pro unibody [Any laptop in general].

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Clip description:
This Macbook Pro 15 i7 A1286 model has noisy fans and the case is heating. This because the fans do not function correctly and this because of dirt on the fans which makes the blades heavy to turn.
For better results, you can renew the thermal paste on the CPU and GPU chips and there is a video on youtube to do this.


  1. five simple steps:
    1) turn off your laptop
    2)connect it to you charger
    3)press shift+control+option together
    4) press shift+control+option and press power button at the same time
    5) finally press power button by itself

    The fan sound should disappear right away 🙂

  2. Nice video. I don't know if I'd recommend the toothbrush, but a can of compressed air will work. Also, old fans require some kind of lubrication, else they will return to noisy operation eventually even after cleaning.

    I wrestled with mine (late 2008 MBP with two fans) for a while, trying to find a lube that would return them to quiet operation, I tried a variety of thin oils, which all eventually would start to rattle and whine like the first failure. I was about to give up and get new fans when I found the right stuff: Krytox GPL 205 synthetic grease from Dupont. Expensive, but it will probably pay for itself eventually. There are a few different types, but a small dab of this stuff on the fan axle, after first cleaning the old lube out with Radio Shack electronics cleaner has seemed to do the trick. For now at least! If it lasts several months between lubes, I figure it's worth it until I get a new macbook. I'm hoping I can get 10 years out of this puppy (upgraded to SSD and 8GB ram- still runs pretty damn good)

  3. Hey, the music and vocie info is 99% gone, I gleaned some fan help just by watching your silent movie. It helped! I just whisked off my 2011 MBP fans, reinstalled and the laptop is back to quiet status now. Thanks! Check out your audio issue, though…

  4. Hi mates, I have done that all this morning with my MBP 15 inch " late 2011" this morning and this evening heat is back on and black out and wouldn't turn on until it cooled down. :((((

  5. I used compressed air to try and clean them… while they were still attached to the computer, is it possible i broke them? they are  making so much noise now.

    Thanks for the vid!

  6. This worked for me.  Had a noisey fan, did the reset, bought a new fan on Ebay and finally found this video.  Found an insect wing in there, after using a toothbrush.   Thanks for posting this vid.

  7. Hi, my laptop is HP Pavilion G4 1321TX, i want to ask to you, why my laptop fan is noise & vibration? like a there is a small stone in it. i've try to cleaning my fan use air pressure from air compressor, and also i've open my keyboard and i try again to cleaning my fan from the top, i shoot again with air pressure from air compressor, and from what I see, the fan has been clean, no dust again, but why my fan still vibration and noise? whereas during this, i always maintain the cleanliness of my laptop, and the i also rarely use my laptop, and when i want to use my laptop, i always use extra fan for my laptop, and then my laptop also still new, not yet 1 years, but why did this happen? can you help my problem? 

    As additional information: my fan rotation still smoothly, even though only using the mouth blown, the fan still spins smoothly.

  8. I have a late 2008 13" 2.0 ghz unibody macbook and the fan noise would be crazy loud from just watching youtube. I did this and pulled out enough fuzz to make a hamster. Ill be cleaning it every year or so now because it is so quiet!

    Great job on the video. My 2006 Mac Book Pro fans were starting to get noisy, while I had my Mac apart to repair my logic boards GPU by baking it in the oven, I took apart the fans and added Silicon Grease with Teflon that I bought at Radio Shack to the center pin that they spin on, and you can barely hear the fans, even when I set them to 6000 rpm using SMC fancontrol. 

  10. bravo, good video … in good detail . it was worth waiting till the end of it .
    now will wait till my partner ( wife ) allow me to experiment with this procedure on the Mac Book Pro , and than i will comment again with more useful feedback .

  11. Concerning your second part of questions, because your book works on safe mode normally then its probably an installed software makes the GPU works hardly that makes it hot and disturbs the display. To be positive, install the Operating system again (just OS not restore) on a newer hard drive (or a partition of an external hard drive) and see if it continues or goes white again, if does then its a hardware problem (like Graphics card),if not then its the hard drive problem which is easy.Goodluck

  12. Hi this is not what I was lookn' 4 but it needs to be done 2!! Can the can of air B sprayed 2, will that work without taking the fans apart, or evan taking out, what do you think? I have "the white screen of death" that is what they call it, but mine is half way, the top half. The bottom is 4 black triangles & a striped rectangle & a another one snowy, looking. I also can start up in safe mode, that looks normal. I don't have access to everything thou!! I am usin' a old mac that is super slow

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