Gemini 2 “Not” the Best Duplicate File Finder for Mac!!!

It claims to work, but it does nothing!

I have duplicate photos in my Photos Library, and the only difference is the file name from what I can see??

However you will also see in the video that my Photos Library and another Folder which I scan, also fails to find any duplicate??

Yet My Photos Library can pick up the secondary duplicates fine???

Yes, I did purchase the software!


  1. Did you ever find a fix? I put 5 of the same picture with different names in a folder and scanned it but it didn't catch them. I noticed they were old pictures off a digital camera. Cisdem also didn't work. Pulling my hair out.

  2. Well, I just tried Gemini 2 and Cisdem Duplicate Finder, and at last I got Cisdem Duplicate Finder, as Gemini didn't find many duplicate files, and scan speed is a little slow, but Cisdem Duplicate Finder found the exact duplicate files(not only file name duplicate, but contents is duplicated) for me.

  3. I have Gemini 1 and it works amazing. Possibly your issue is due to the new Photo comparison option in Gemini 2 where it lets you review similar photos before they are removed? Maybe check the options…

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