How To Backup Unlimited Photos on The Galaxy S8 – YouTube Tech Guy

How To Backup Unlimited Photos on The Galaxy S8

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  1. Thumbs down because the title says on S8. It's has nothing to do with the phone model, nor is it about the phone itself holding an unlimited amount of pictures. It's all about google photos. And like another person said, it's unlimited if you chose lower resolution for the picture and/or movie. If you wish to keep the original size, it will take the storage you have, or pay for, on the google cloud. This includes Google Drive data, as well as sms backup if you have it set up in your Gmail account.
    I do like the reviews on this channel.

  2. I thought it only provided 15gb of storage. I pay 1.99 per month to google for 100gb. So maybe I don't need to pay That? how did I miss? I use google photos religiously and didn't know unlimited.

  3. Can you tell us what phone your using and how you got it on the pc? Dex? S8? Before you start review? This is new tech that not everyone knows how to do yet? So it's like your starting from the middle of the review!

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