How To Download iOS 11 Betas? ( or ANY Betas)

iOS betas are only available through the steps in this video!

1. Visit
2.Backup your device (IMPORTANT!)
3.Download the given profile on the webpage
4.Wait a few for the over the air update ( You won’t get the notification on your device that you will normally get when you get updates.. you have to manually check for updates occasionally to get it)

To check for updates, simply go to settings.. go to general.. go to software updates..

I DO NOT RECOMMEND DOWNLOADING BETAS.. this is mainly for people who are curious about what’s next for iOS, or the ones who want the latest updates.

The current official update( NOT BETA) for iOS devices is iOS 11.0 which is the latest available updates for people who don’t sign up for betas.

I personally haven’t had MANY problems with these beta, although it has improved battery life, it still has tons of bugs .. it may depend on the iPhone maybe because I have the iPhone 7 Matte Black.

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How to downgrade from iOS beta?

1. Download an IPSW from
2.Plug in iPhone to computer
3.Open iTunes
4.Press Shift+Click on “Restore”
5.Let iTunes do it’s job


Currently, there’s no possible way to retrieve your data from an iOS 11 version to an iOS 10 version, so if you expected to get the data back, well, you’re stuck, I still recommending a backup because you can recover it when you downgrade, so if you do a backup on iOS 10 and upgrade to iOS 11, you can downgrade and have all your data, but if you made the backup on iOS 11, then you’re stuck..BLAME APPLE!

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