How to enter DFU Mode when Home or Power button is broken – Restore iPhone – iOS 10.1, 9, 7.1.2

This tutorial shows how to restore an iPhone via DFU mode when the home or power/sleep button is broken.
Download Redsn0w:
Download your iOS Firmware/Software:

iOS 8
iOS 7.1.2

You always have to use the newest version available for your device.

iPhone is off and won’t switch on!!! AHHH – calm down. Usually you can press home and power button for 30 seconds and it switches on again, but that won’t work in your case. Wait a few hours and plug it into the power socket. No matter what, your phone is NOT broken. This is safe (obviously now warranty from my side).
Fix Error 3194:


  1. Hi, I get an error (37) mid way through restoring the phone, apple logo is on the screen, black background and progress bar loos like it is at 60% every time I try and restore the iphone… I will try a new cable tomorrow but other than that can you suggest anything? Many thanks and Great tutorial Video..

  2. i get every single step but the problem is that my phone is disabled while having a broken home button on itunes it just asks to respond on iphone but i cant because its disabled for 23847684 seconds .please help

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