How to Fix “Software Too Old” Error in iTunes

Here’s a video to Restore a backup from a Newer version of iOS to an older version of iOS

Fix is only for the Following Error:
“The backup cannot be restored to this because of the software on the iphone is too old”/iPhone too Old”

Download Plist Editor to edit info.plist File:


1: Open “C:UsersyourusernameAppDataRoamingApple ComputerMobileSyncBackup”

2: Locate your Backup Folder Now and Open it

(It will be a random name of the folder like) “c7d2e2b8019e64c1b6a810179d8df939f80ea155-20170526-131843”

3: Now Open info.plist file (Use Plist Editor to open this File)

4: Now Toggle to List View

5: Edit Product Version to the current version you have in your iDevice

6: Close the info.plist file

7: Do Save Changes to the file when it prompts after closing it

8: Open iTunes and Restore from the backup now

9: You’re Done!! Your Problem is Fixed

(If still you are getting that error please locate your backup folder correctly again its easy and working method)

— if this method not working for you, you can Also update your iDevice to the latest version to get rid of this error —–


  1. i was trying to restore my back up of my iphone 5 ( ios 10) to iphone 4s running the last version apple has produced ( ios 9.3.5 ) and
    it tells me that the back up has been corrupted ?
    could you please help ?

  2. I have IOS11 on my iPhone i make full backup data because i downgrade to IOS 10.3.2 i try to fix my problem with your solve way but its not working with IOS 11 i have this error : the backup cannot be restored to this iPhone because the software on the iPhone is too old. please can you help me to fix this problem?

  3. Remember you can only restore backup if your ios version and backup version are same. eg. Your backup should be iOS 10 and your iOS version should also be iOS 10.
    But you can give it a try.

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