How to Install Sonic Mania MODS On MAC! [INSTALLATION + DOWNLOADS!]

This is what you’ve been waiting for! A method to play Sonic Mania Mods on any MAC without it not working! Alot of people were commenting on my previous videos that I should make a tutorial on installing mods on Sonic Mania for MACS!

I love Sonic Mania, but adding some cool (& Knuckles) mods to it makes it even better…AND it’s for MAC! 🙂

Things ya gonna need for this tutorial..

-Sonic Mania Mac Installed on Wineskin (Installation Tutorial:
-Sonic Mania Mod Studio (Link:
-Any Sonic Mania Mod of your choice (Link to some Mods:


You will need…

-Your Apple Mac PC.
-Sonic Mania MAC Already Installed (Please see the ‘INSTALLATION’ tab above if you haven’t installed the game it self yet!)
-Mania Mod Studio
-Any Sonic Mania MOD of your choice.

Step 1: Extract the folder out of the ManiaModStudio zip file and the folder out of your mod’s zip file.

Step 2: Go to your Sonic Mania MAC installed app. Now right click on it – show package contents. Now you will see two folders: Contents, drive_c, and the Wineskin app. We will use that drive_c folder in the next step.

Step 3: Move the ManiaModStudio folder to the inside of the Sonic Mania MAC app. Inside the Sonic Mania MAC app itself, move that ManiaModStudio folder to the “drive_c-Program Files-Sonic Mania folder. When your done, there will also be a file in the Sonic Mania folder called “data.rsdk.” Make a backup of it by copying it to somewhere else in case you don’t want to use mods anymore, then you can just replace the old data file with the modded one.

Step 4: Move your mod’s folder to “drive_c-Program Files-Sonic Mania” and make a new folder inside that folder. Name it “mods,” then place YOUR mod’s folder inside the “mods” folder.

Step 5: Now go back to where it shows the folders: “Contents and drive_c.” (As shown in Step 2. Click on “Wineskin.”

Step 6: Now click on “Advanced.” Then where it says: Windows EXE, click on Browse and go to drive_c-Program Files-ManiaModStudio, ManiaModStudio.exe.

Step 7: Now click on “Test Run.”

Step 8: It will take you to the Mania Mod Studio app. Select “File,” then click “Mania Path,” and navigate to “My Computer-C:-Program Files-Sonic Mania then click on “SonicMania.exe.”

Step 8: Now click “Add.” Now navigate to “mods-(YOUR MOD FOLDER’S NAME HERE) then click on “YOUR MODS NAME HERE.ini and click “Open.”

Step 9: It will say “Mania Mod Loader data found.” Click ok.

Step 10: Now check all the boxes that are next to your mod’s name.

Step 11: Now click “Apply.” It will now take about 5-10 minutes to do it’s thing!

Step 12: After everything has completed, It will say “Mods successfully applied.” Click ok, then click on the X symbol (The Windows X symbol) in the top right corner and it will exit everything.

Step 13: Now it will go back to Wineskin and say “Test Run Complete!” Click Cancel.

Step 14: Go to where it says “Browse” (next to the Windows EXE) and navigate to drive_c-Program Files-Sonic Mania, and choose SonicMania.exe. Now click the red traffic light icon in the top left corner. (It will exit Wineskin.)

Step 15: Now go to Finder and navigate to the Sonic Mania MAC app. Tap on it and enjoy! 😉

Step 16: (IF YOU WANT TO REMOVE MODS) Simply replace the data.rsdk file with your backed-up one from Step 3. 🙂

Sonic Mania MAC Official Website:

The website will guide you through everything for Sonic Mania on your MAC for the best experience possible! Enjoy the game! 🙂

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