How To Master (Hard) Reset iPhone 4, 3G or 3GS

DON’T RESET OR RESTORE YOUR PHONE IF IT’S UNLOCKED! This video will show you how to reset our iPhone back to its original factory setting. Be advised that you should back up ALL data before doing this because all will be lost.


  1. i have a iphone 4(jailbreaked) resently i have installed wrong tweak it`s got boot loop now it`s not connecting to pc,not booting in safemode do any one solution for this problem please help

  2. I have a iphone 4s, having problems with WRONG passwords all the time. Especially iCloud … so much that I did what you show here, it did a restore, but it is till asking me for the iCloud password. I want to DELETE the iCloud account but it doesn't allow me, asking over n over for the password. gees so frustrating… any thoughts??? 

  3. I dropped my iPhone 3GS A1303 on the ground now its not charging.
    when i hold the power button on for 5 seconds,nothing happends.what does this mean and how can i fix it?

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