How To Restore Shun Classic Chef Knife + Giveaway

This is my first of MANY videos, showing the process of how I repair Japanese knives, like this Shun. All knives are repaired and restored by hand.

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  1. bro too bad you used the file on the knife, seems it has around 58-60 hrc and the file is the same hardness so first youve damaged it a bit and didnt get much result.

    well about my hero, first of all is a friend of mine his name was Dan. I was raised not in the best place, i was beaten and abused and was beating and abusing myself, and when i got to a speciall school that was dealing with "my kind" of children they were given an young adult to spend time with them in the school, doing homework study and just chill, basically getting an image of a "normal" guy, so i took all i could from him and learned sooooo much, and shockingly after he went to the army we lost contact with each other and 8 month after that he was found in the forset shot from his own personal wepon.

    seems there isnt so much of a chance to thank him but I have chopsticks that he gave me=]
    also im in the army now, i'm a cook there=]

  2. My heroes are my parents. They survived the secret war to bring life for my siblings and I for a better tomorrow. They did not get a higher education, but work very hard and overtime to raise us and give us the education they never had. To this day, they still work very hard at low wages and sacrifice sleep in order for us children to make a living. One day, I hope to pay them back by being able to pay for all of their expenses and let them relax for once.

  3. A simple story but none the less important to me. My hero is the person who has given up a huge part of her life to, along with endless other things, stay at home and look after us (sister and I). My Mother has ALWAYS taken the time to make fresh homemade Breakfasts/diners ready for us when we arrived home from school and work. As this is a knife related channel, It would be nice to gift her a lovely new knife and to return the favour by cooking for her with my own knife. Thank Mam.

  4. Not sure how you would get a knife to Michael Jordan. He always personified for me, the never give up and strive for nothing but the very very best. He helped me become, not only a better sportsman but a better person. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  5. I hope this doesn't seem weird, but my wife is a hero to me. I was diagnosed with lymphoma in the summer of 2015 and she has been there for me through it all. She thinks she doesn't do anything because it has been extremely hard on her too in ways you can't imagine, but the reality is I wouldn't be doing as well as I am now without her.

  6. My hero is my dad. While struggling with depression he decided to quit his regular job and start his own meat processing business so he could offer me and my brother a better future. I will never be able to repay him, if I win I hope he will accept a knife as a token of gratitude 🙂

  7. Easily my mother. Raised the 3 of us on a school teacher's salary until my little brother died of cancer. Continued to raise the 2 of us, always a bright spot in our lives as well as anyone she runs into. No matter how bad things may get in my life, i just think about how she went through everything she did and came out stronger.

  8. I want to say my dad because he made so many sacrifices for me included moving out of state for work and living alone while I finished school. And in school I started dating the girl that would eventually be my wife. And if I won, I would give him the Shun just so he could have something "bling" but honestly, I'm buying him a knife for Christmas anyway. So hopefully you can find someone else that would like to find a cool gift for their hero that may not have the budget to get that gift this year. I know I've been there plenty of times.

    I will say that one person that has been a huge influence on my adult life is a guy that went by the name Tom Stormcrowe. He was a cyclist that started riding at just under 600 lbs and was in such poor health when he started that he needed to ride with an oxygen tank strapped to his back. He eventually lost enough weight to get gastric bypass and eventually got to his goal weight. His blog was a big motivator for me when I started. And he helped run the forums at bikeforums dot net. He always helped motivate and encourage people on the Clydesdale forums there (a subform geard towards heavier riders). I started cycling at 370 lbs and have lost 90 so far and want to drop 75 by next July (for a nasty hilly ride in Colorado). Unfortunately Tom passed from health issues a couple years ago but when people try and say something about someone my size on a bike and how it motivates them, I always like to mention Tom. I wonder how many dozens or maybe hundreds of people he convinced to give cycling a try and how many people have made huge changes in their lives because of his story.

    And after all that seriousness. How about nominating Ryky from saving that poor Shun from that awful treatment by its previous owner? :p

  9. Ryky,  I love your video and love these knives and I would be privileged to own anything that you worked on!  I am working on starting my dream restaurant which is very stressful.  I find your videos uplifting and refreshing!  I see your excitement and I get so excited too!  You give us all the feeling we can do things we didn't think we could because your self taught I believe!  Thanks Man!

  10. I have more than one. However, the one that stands out, would be Sensei Myiagi. He inspired (and mentored) me to get my 1st degree black belt. When he came to this country from Japan, he spoke very little English and overcame that with ease.

  11. Thanks for your videos, I love knives and I really like your channel. I would say my hero was my son, even without him knowing. He changed my life completely. I had a single life, a lot of partying and other things too. When I became a father I realized that the person needed me. Now he's 18 and I always tell him how important he is to me.

  12. Heros.. so many. At the top of the list would be my parents. They grew up in the depression and served our nation in WW2.
    They are gone now so two knives would be unnecessary but there is a firehouse down the road with a kitchen that might put a good kitchen knife to work.

  13. Hero? Easy.
    My Grandfather. Similar to you, my mother had to raise me as a single parent for many years after my Father kicked us out. I spent many week days and weekends with my grandparents as my mother worked to support herself and I. My Grandfather was the male role model in my life and helped shape me into the man I am today. I am forever grateful for him and all the blessings in disguise I've had over my 32 years of existence. Good luck to all the participants and everyone go thank your hero.

  14. For works like that I have a heap of self-cut stones from a giant old round sharpening stone. Quite hard and makes work of big ships like that quite fast. Breadknife method though, like you did with the file.

  15. My Dad for be inspiring and always very comprehensible! Today, I'm the best version of me because of that. Now, as a father, I always remind of my childhood and always try to be the best father I can to my child. Kindness bring kindness

  16. My hero(s) are my 3 sons. As we grind each day and day out, as an adult, I tends to complicate things where it doesn't needs to be. My 3 sons (4, 7, 12) their innocence and purity keeps me in check as a father, but most importantly as a human being. Gives me an opportunity to talk about tough topics as mass shootings, which give me an opportunity to self reflect. This happens all the time. Simplicity, innocence, purity, many qualities that are being lost today, they bring it back to me. So much to talk about, but keeping it short.

  17. Like you, my mom is my hero. As a Vietnamese immigrant during the war, she gave up a lot in her life so that I would have a better one. The experiences she has faced escaping and trying to make it in America is something I could never fathom. She suffers from migraine headaches but still helps as much as she can with me and my older siblings. Her go-to blades are $4 petty Kiwi brand knives. Do you have any suggestions on knives that aren't bigger than 6 inches?

  18. Awesome video, We also had a Shun that chipped, but I sent it into shun for a free sharpening. I'd love to try something like this now that I've been trying my own hand at sharpening. 

    As far as the personal hero part, It has to be my father. He moved here from the farmlands of India with nothing and made a life for himself and our entire family as well as bringing over his entire family. He means everything to me because without him, I would have none of the opportunities I've been given. I owe it all to him.

  19. My mom is my hero. Had to go through my father's restrictions to raise my sisters and I properly. Turned out our family got separated (literally) because of that, all 4 of us living in 4 different countries to escape our dad. Now we just see each other like once a year or every two year (haven't been the 4 of us together since… 15 years). Lots of sacrifice, lots of pain to endure, but that's what it takes when we care. Put others before yourself.

  20. I can't pick one hero, so if it is allowed they are joint hero's.
    My foster parents. They took in older, messed up kids, like me, that in many cases probably would have ended up in and out of the prison system later in life. They gave us a loving supportive environment a taught us to be better than we thought we could be. So much so that I have been able to hold down a job, and am furthering my education studying professional cookery in order to hopefully one day open my own restaurant. None of that would be possible without them. Even now later in life when they have no obligation to support me, they act just like birth parents, and to me they are mum and dad.

  21. My hero's are the American and Canadian soldiers that liberated my country (the Netherlands) at the end of WWII. I live in Colorado now and without the soldiers from these countries my parents might have never had me as a child. My son is my modern day hero, besides studying for a degree in Mathematics, he is also the president of the math club, is writing a study guide for freshman and is also applying to enter the masters program. He is my hero because he is showing great leadership, hard work and has a great positive influence to the math department and the people involved at CSU. PS: He loves to cook too.

  22. Hey Ryky! Great video and I love the fact that you show people that it is possible to fix their knives and that they don't need to throw them away because of some ships!

    I've started sharpening myself knives for my self, family and for friends and I just wonder how you got such a good result on just the 320 CERAX and that you didn't hade to use a higher grit stone after that?

    Take care // a big fan from Sweden 🙂

  23. MY HERO: I don't have to look to far. My wife of 40 years. She worked full time when I was trying to get my courses to get into dental school. Once in school, she supported us through out my schooling. then once out and started a practice. she was working 7 days a week with our kids to help us till my Office could support us. She has put up with my (excuse me) Asshole ways through life. She only thinks of others and the family first. Sometimes we forget how she is the backbone that keeps us all together. And seeing what you mother did (my wife never had to be the goddess like you mom) made me only have to think about my inter circle to think about my hero and the one I love.

  24. When you make knives you check the hardness with a file and if it skates over the metal and does not bite in it is hard. So the stone would probably be a better tool. Of course if you had a belt grinder you could use that and keep the blade cool. Or a tarmak sharpening wheel and redo the the edge. Unfortunately I can make a knives so dull you couldn't cut butter with it. I have spent over several hundred dollars on stones and what is sad I can't seem to get the technique down but I keep watching you had hope something clicks.

  25. The file will barely cut hardened steel as it's hardened steel too – a file is even something knifemakers use to test the if their steel has hardened after quenching to see if it skates over the steel rather than bites in.

    A cheap little 1 x 30" belt sander will make much quicker work. They're like $60 over there from places like Harbor Freight.

  26. Great video! Love the repair work; you make it look so easy. My Hero is my grandfather; he passed away 6 years ago next month. He was a USMC vet that was in WW2. I spent a lot of time with him as a young child. He taught me a lot of what I know about tools and how to use them. He showed me that no matter how old you get that you are never too old to act childish on occasion. But to make sure you do your job in life and work hard for what you want. Life is short so make it worth it! Thank you!

  27. My hero is my beautiful wife. She is a great mother, grandmother, nurse, and retired military member. We have, 3 adult children, and seven grandchildren. Over the past 30+ years, she has brought our children, completed nursing school, and retired from the USAF, with 7 combat tours. She retired with a medical disability. She was always there for the children, and me. She saved one of her troops life, coming back from Kuwait, and received a medal for it. After retiring from the USAF, she used her new degree to be an ER nurse. She has giving her live to service of our community, and country. Oh. and she is a fantastic cook..

  28. I can't help but follow suit… My mother raised me and my sister to be respectful and responsible.  Her love helped to saved my life when I was young and adrift.

  29. Ryky thanks for all you videos. Hero is a big word but I thought of my son on his first deployment with the Navy in an undisclosed location. He could have done just about anything but chose to serve to ensure our safety at home so we could continue to live free and do what we love. He loves to cook.

  30. My mother is my hero!
    She's a single mother who came to America and raised 4 children. With no job, friends, or family, she pretty much restarted her life and jumpstarted mine. I was a terrible child, so I know I was a handful by myself, but adding on 3 other monsters is another story…. Growing up without a significant other, she wasn't appreciated enough, so I try my best to make her feel like she's the best mother out there!

  31. My hero is my mom. My dad left her when I was 4 an my step dad left after I was in a accident an became paralyzed. Afterward she was told to put me in a home. Mom said no, an took care of me, an worked a regular job. She helped me along until I could make it alone. She never walked away from the problems an has been my standing armour, never has lost being an encouragement. I wish everyone had a hero like my mom.

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