How to Speed up DVD Ripping Performance on Mac – MacXDvd

There are altogether 4 tips to make your DVD ripping process faster on Mac. 1. Choose the fastest DVD ripper. A fast DVD ripper is a decisive factor in the quick conversion. You can choose the fast one according to the test performance mentioned above. 2. Upload your computer configuration. Highly configured computer will give rise to faster ripping process. You’re suggested to update OS X to macOS Sierra and higher your RAM up to 8GB. 3. Make full use of GPU and CPU encoding. If your Mac has Intel processor, choose the DVD ripper supporting Intel hardware encoding/decoding tech. Generally, the speed will enhanced up to 5x faster, even on a slow computer. This makes the ripping process conducted more on GPU than CPU. Plus, if your DVD ripper makes full use of CPU cores, the ripping speed will be doubled and maximized aswith both GPU and CPU encoding. 4. Backup or copy a DVD rather than encoding a DVD. Generally, DVD backup is 4x faster than DVD encoding. So to prevent discs against any scratch or loss, backing up DVD is more favored than ripping disc.

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