How To Uninstall Minecraft On Mac 2017 (EASY) – How To Completely Delete Minecraft On Mac Tutorial

How To Uninstall Minecraft On Mac FULLY 2017. This video tutorial will show you how to delete minecraft from your mac completely which includes all of the files which are scattered in various folders. I also show you how to backup your saves incase you want to play them in the future! Be sure to LIKE the video and leave a nice little comment if this tutorial helped 🙂

To completely Delete minecraft from your mac (including macbook pro, macbook air, imac) simply open up finder, head over to the application tab and search for ‘minecraft’. From here simply follow the steps shown in the video to delete minecraft including all of the system files. This tutorial shows you how to delete minecraft without any programs or downloads so it’s a great method!

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  1. Thank you so much, my minecraft account wasn't working and the Mojang people told me to delete Minecraft and re-download it, I did but it still never worked, I thought I was hacked and that scared me so much! You rock!! +1 like 😀

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