iOS 9.1 iPhone 5 CFW Restored Successfully – Deleted Setup.APP

I’ve used iBEC, iBSS, ASR and KernelCache / DeviceTree patches to make sure the CFW is not fired out by ASR module inside Restore Ramdisk.

The iPSW I created Is a combination between iOS 9.0 for which we have ROOT and IV keys and iOS 9.1 (to get blobs) for which the keys aren’t available yet.

Notice: This video is highly outdated, therefore, the links were removed. Please check out a more up to date video on the channel.
I recommend following this updated video:

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  1. hey brotha I love all your videos and I appreciate all your work.. You got a subscriber and I will upvote all your videos. Can you please help me unlock iCloud on an iPad Air 2 model A1566… it has iOS 9.0.2 on it right now.. thanks!

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