MacBook Butterfly Keyboard Key Removal

You’re doing this at your own risk


  1. The new Macbook pros are amazing pieces of junk.
    And to think the top machines are selling for almost 4 THOUSAND dollars.
    WOW…….gotta be a serious cool-aid drinker to buy this junk.

  2. I spilt soda on my computer, and most of the keys would stay down longer and also felt "mushy", I Tried this going very gentile but I ended up using a tooth pick and my pocket knife ?, Thanks for helping!

    Ps: if you can't get them off at first just use more force (hope that helped!)

  3. Thank you for the video, you really helped me a lot! The left side of my space key was stuck, and now it's back to normal again! 🙂
    And also I think it's funny that I used the same plektrum, you used in this Video. 😀

  4. pulled a bottle of juice on to the keyboard and all the keys on the left becomes super sticky. Thanks for your tips. I used the insurance card removed about 20 keys and now they are back functional. The only issue is you have to be really REALLY gentle. The 2 bottom hinges breaks when I remove the 'fn' out, but it is useful.

  5. Hi I am also facing the same issue with apple Macbook pro 13inch keyboard, "D","F","tab",E,R keys are sometimes not working and sometimes double working and the issue started just after 6-7 hours of purchasing the macbook , i think we all should stand up and tell apple whats the power of consumer ,as they are having poor service team in India with poor support, if you agree contact me on my mail we make a petition against apple and send it to them, so they come also know real power of consumer, whatsapp me if interested +919711181115 i (will make a gorup and then talk about our problems and escalate to apple so that apple makes a replacement program for this"

  6. The method for putting the key back on is backwards. You need to slide the top hooks in first. They are c shaped and if you press them in they get smashed. Slide the top part in first, then snap the bottom of the key in.

  7. Thank you very much for the inspiration!

    My "N" key on MacBook 2016 keyboard got stuck and your video encouraged me to fix it on my own. Woohoo!! My keyboard is back to normal again. 😀

    I'm enormously happy!

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