MacBook Disassembly

Here’s how to disassemble your MacBook


  1. Thanks, this was helpful. My MacBook wouldn't recognize the new HDD I put in after the old one died, and it turned out to be the rubber guide on the side, which had come loose and was blocking the new HDD from clicking in correctly. I was able to glue it in and am reinstalling the OS. At least it recognizes the HDD now!

  2. Well what I'm saying is if someone formed some c4 into the shape of the battery and then put another small battery in the laptop to give power to the "power on" button; then routed the "power on" button to a detonator in the c4. The person looking at the X-rays would have to know it was a detonator and not some other electronically component in the laptop. P.S. I'm not a terrorist, just my point is the TSA sucks.

  3. Two things you never do with a laptop one is dissasemble it with the power on and two is never ever use WD40 or a toothbrush use either a vaccum cleaner or a can of compressed air

  4. When I went to replace my dead hard drive, I could not insert my new drive. Using your instructions, I was able to disassemble my MAC. It turns out the rubber guides, for the SATA drive, had fallen out of place. Thanks a million!!!

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