Macbook Pro logic board not charging battery, missing pullup resistor on SMC data line.

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  1. got an issue something like this where the MacBook has an X on the battery and won't charge it. But it will run on a battery that has power. Pin 16 on the U7000 chip reads 12v instead of 3-5v. Already changed the chip and Q7055 just in case, pin 4 on the Q7055 shows 12v just like pin 16 on u7000. Thanks in advance

  2. I use to work for IBM Global Services in the late 1990's, back when they still made hard drives, and Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops which were still high quality then, and you are right every one I know that owned a Lenovo Idea pad has had their screws fall out, the hinge mount and frame crack, and break.

  3. I was trying to pull off the battery adn accidentally touched the battery connector with my screw driver,.SOme smoke came out and the laptop got dead,.I took it to the mechanic and he showed me a blown IC,.He changed the IC and the set turned on but it is not charging the battery,..My set is lying at the mechanic shop since 7 months and he is still trying to figure out as to why the battery is not charging,…Can anyone where the problem cd lie, that I can ask the mechanic to look at the particular place and fix it,..??

  4. Hi Louis, I have a problem with the battery charge on my MacBook Pro A1278. I have seen some of your videos but my problem I can not find a solution. The computer sometimes charges for minutes, passes the green LED light to orange but after a few seconds the light indicates the battery charge still OFF (No light). The computer works with the charger put and the battery is not discharged while this is, that is to say that it does not load but it does not discharge either… can you help me?

  5. Louis. Thanks for all your posts. i learned just enough to know when I'm being ripped off… magsafe light not showing, battery not charging but 2012 MBP boots and works fine on battery; shop recommendation 450 quid for a new (read refurbished) logic board with a 2011 CPU?!!!?. I saw your sysonewire posts on magsafe/SMC recognition (U7000) which make things much clearer…. I''ve got a request. Could you please post an idiots guide for a newbie to find a decent board repair shop? I mean, what questions should we be asking? In UK the shops all have sales guys who will tell you anything… is it fair to ask to meet engineers? I'm thinking a short list of 'telltale' questions like 'what microscope do you use?', 'show me a schematic'. How can I check the so called repair shop even has the basic kit to actually repair a board…. not just steal mine and resell it? Is there some kind of qualification (yeah I know all about Apple qualifications!) or kite-mark ,or ISO standard or something? I know that doesn't defend against part pirates, but it's better than nothing.

  6. Thanks for the video,my 2011 macbook pro 13 is not charging the battery, the percentage of the battery stay the same if connected to power,the light is dimm green,i checked both resistors and they are fine,could it be the dc inboard ? or something else ?

  7. hello, my macbook pro in late 2012 has a battery charging problem, the battery is not charging, the green light of the charger is still light, the charging pourcentagde is 0%, there charging symbol on the battery. I made the reset of the SCM problem is not resolved

  8. my macbook recognizes the battery for some time then it doesn't anymore, so I get the x sign ( no battery available). After this the cursor freezes randomly, (not the computer). and the keyboard lights are not able to dim the light anymore.

    SMC chip problem? i just installed a new battery, but i had the same problem with my last battery.

  9. Hello Louis My MacBook to not charge, have 5 led blinks and randomly power off disconnect the battery connector but cant power on please same problume help what i can do Thanks

  10. bro where r u from? my mac wont charge my new battery, it turn on fine when is plug in…but if i unplug it it turn off!…and the light is alwas green from the charger and the battery icon has an X, what can i do? please help!!

  11. I am having the same issue with a mid 2010 MacBook pro. It is not detecting the battery. top right corner has a "x" with a battery symbol. The battery is working has been tested and it works. Will this repair work  on the mid 2010?

  12. i have a macbook that has no power by ac (ac adapter is good) or by battery.
    pressing the on/off does nothing.
    what can it be the problem?

    also where can i buy parts since apple does not sell them?
    do you where i can get a schematic of the macbook (older model that has two usb sockets on the left side and cd/dvd drive on the right side)?

  13. hey louis i have macbookpro 13 2011 model  and i also have same problem battery is not charging … when i charge it keep on green but not red even there is 1 percent battery left … now my mac is completely  shut  and won't turn on anymore ….so i want to know is that reparable ???? plzz let me know … i went to apple store  they  just want me to get  new macbookpro or new logic which is like too expensive ..    plzzz suggest me … and i from europ …..  thanks a lot  in advance ….

  14. I have a question, I recently bought a new macbook pro battery, but i think it's bad, the system says "Replace Now" with cycle count 0

    coconut battery says: Status: Poor, Discharging. 

    First, it was 46% then 8% then 7%

    If my macbook pro logic board is fucked up, would it still detect how much energy exist in the battery?

  15. Do you know what the equals sign = means next to a line in schematics?

    And it seems that half the boards I work on are missing 5V_S3 and/or 5V_S0. Any helpful hints on the best direction to go with this. I alway seem to make some progress and then end up in a loop trying to track this down. Thanks for your help.

  16. Hi
    Please Help!
    I have a 820-3024 and I'm having problems making it recognise and charge the battery.
    It's already had a new ISL and an SMC from a known working board, all resistors/caps are ok on and around the charge circuit including the pull-up resistors mentioned in the video, but still no luck!
    I've gone over & over the schematic and can't seem to work this out.
    When I plug the mag safe in, the light goes green for a few seconds, then Amber for 5 seconds and back to green.
    It switches on and works fine and has the latest SMC firmware installed, but the battery has an X in it and only works when plugged in.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  17. Hi Louis, just a general question here. I have a bunch mint Acer netbooks of the same model.

    Lately,one of the users discover his battery doesn't charge while plugged in(shown in the battery status). I couldn't check all the other units,so I replace its battery from a backup unit. It didn't solve the problem. Now showing 0%,plugged in, not charging. I check the battery voltage, they are low ard 9V(I assume still chargeable).
    Am I safe to there's problem with the charging circuit?

  18. Make a video on replacing that battery indiicator connector 🙂
    I always have so much trouble replacing things like that without making them horrible in the process from the heat. I've tried kaptop, but either the tape doesn't sit properly, or it stops the heat from getting where it needs to be without getting too hot.

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