Macbook Pro Optical Drive Removal / Upgrade to dual SSD + HDD Hard Drive

Macbook Pro Optical Drive Removal / Upgrade to dual SSD + Hard Drive

In this video I remove the optical drive from my Macbook Pro (I haven’t used a DVD drive in over 3 years) and replace the internal hard drive with an SSD. A new 7200 RPM hard drive is placed in the optical bay.


  1. Hi, Can I ask how do you move your files on your bootdrive SSD to HDD? Do you just drag and drop to the 'Macintosh HDD' under the device column?
    And how do you open those files that you have moved to HDD while booting from SSD? Do you have to restart to boot from HDD to open it?
    Does it work the same round from HDD to SSD too? As I only have a 250GB SSD and a 500GB HDD from Apple. I am planning to boot it from HDD and copy only important files to SSD. Please help me!

  2. So I cannot replace my Optical Drive with an SSD (Having two SSD's, I have one in the main area and one I want to replace with the CD drive) for a Macbook Pro Late 2011?

  3. What Macbook was this? Was the drive that didn't end up fitting into the caddy the original drive that came with the Macbook?

    I'm trying to avoid opening my machine up and swapping the current hard drive into the optical bay only to find it won't fit (and that I need to order a new smaller drive).

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