Moving Your iTunes Library in Mac OS X

How to move your iTunes library from one hard disk to another. Copy your music library into a new location and rebuild the link.

If you iTunes library is growing move it to an external or network hard drive to save disk space on your home drive.

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  1. I moved my iTunes library and all my music to a 128gb sandisk 3.0 thumb drive I keep getting error (-54) I'm running windows 10 but on a Acer cloud book (32gb max)I've tried everything to correct this but can't.. any suggestions would be appreciated

  2. This doesn't work from what I can see.  After you do the move, and re-open on the new location, my files are still pointing back to the main hard disc.  Right click any song and make sure it really moved—because mine didn't.  

  3. Beautiful! Awesome – yours was the most straightforward how-to video I found for exactly what I needed. I had just upgraded to a new SSD drive for my Mac Pro and needed my iTunes library back to the way it was, but on the new drive. The holding down the option key while opening up iTunes was the key to it.
    Thanks very much for posting!!

  4. Perfectly Done!!! Thank you for posting this video, just upgraded from a mid 2010 MacbookPro running OS X 10.6.8 to a newer mid 2012 MacbookPro running OS X 10.8.5. I was close to pulling my hair out until I found your video. I normally just copied my iTunes files and launch iTunes, but your holding of the ALT key then launching iTunes and choosing which library was the savior!!! Many Thanks Again!!!

  5. Thanks for the video… So if I am to copy the lib to my external…and I need to free up space… I need to then DELETE my library that is on my computer right??? You mention copying the library, but never mention deleting the original copy on the computer. Thanks for your help.

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