MSI Z97S Krait Edition Hackintosh – Complete Installation

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mac OS Sierra Bootable USB

mac OS Sierra Video Uploaded


Complete Guide for Creating Bootable USB Here

Installation guide will work with almost all MSI Boards.

Bios Settings :
Restore Default
VT-D = Disable
CFG Lock = Disable
Save and Reboot

Boot from USB
Format Hard Drive to GUID Partition MAP and MAC OS X Journeled
– Drive Title “El Capitan”
Install MAC OS in El Capitan
Wait around 20 min for Installation to Complete
On Restart boot from El Capitan
Enter the required deatails to complete installation and Boot into MAC OS X El Capitan

Post Installation

Use MAC Pro 3,1 from MultiBeast from Maximum Compatibility
Open Multibeast 8.0 and install using Clover UEFI option, Realtek ALC892, FakeSMC, and Realtek RTL 8111 drivers.
Download and install the current alternate Nvidia Web Drivers.
Open Clover Configurator and Mount EFI partition.
Add nvda_drv=1 to the Boot arg section (this will force Clover to boot the web drivers)

System Specs : (Buy And Build Yours)
System Specs :
Intel core i7 4790K

Gigabyte Gtx 970 G1 Gaming

MSI Krait Z97S

Corsair H80i GT

16GB Corsair 1600Mhz

Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime

Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum


  1. hi great tutorial i have the same mobo and graphic card but i do not have access to a mac, can i create a usb bootable drive by downloading mac os dmg file?i also want to dual boot windows 10 which i have already installed. thanks!

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