New Idea of Phonebook Contacts Backup Pal – One Touch Assistant to Backup Your Phonebook Easily

Maybe you had experiences like your phone stolen, or damaged unexpectedly but you did not have a backup for your important phone book contacts.

There were some products which you could back up your phone books like using something like a card reader or a special complicated device to do the job. But we got a new and easier idea to do the backup job for you.

Officially we call our device as “One Touch Assistant”. This device is attached to your charger and when you charge your phone, it backups your phonebooks. It is very easy and you will never forget it as you have to attach it to your phone charger. Another thing is that the One Touch Assistant can support a very wide range of phones. ( compatible lists)

To have an idea of the the whole, you could check below user manual for it.
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