Nintendo switch – purple screen of death – WE NEED SAVE BACKUP NOW!

I tried turning on my nintendo switch today but all i got was this purple screen. No matter how many times i reset the console all i got was purple. I communicated with the local dealership and said they havent heard anything like this up until now. My switch is in mint condition and played always in dock mode.


  1. And as it turns out there is currently no way you can backup save data on the switch, 
    not even on an SD card. This is really disturbing and Nintendo should take a look at it yesterday.
    EDIT: 10/3/2017
    So i got news from service today that the device is non reparable (from a random error screen),
    so yeah there goes my save file.
    I'm done with any nintendo product until they take switch seriously and make backup possible.

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