Printer/Scanner Fix on Mac OS X No Matter What Brand

This was how I solved the problem of not being able to print with Yosemite and also how I was able to use the other features that came with my Epson XP-610.

Here is the link to the epson drivers:

Here is how you can set up a printer/scanner with the ip address:


  1. how about HP scanner, can I use the same method? My problem is I can't use my scanner but I can do printing (the printer can do both printing and scanning). Please give me advice thank you

  2. Good video, but I had to set up my Epson WF-3620 using the IP address method instead. Using the method shown in Philip's video did not work for me. The strange thing was, the driver package was able to talk to the printer during the install, but afterwards my Mac could never actually communicate with the printer. Running OS X Yosemite (10.10.5) on a 2013 MacBook Pro.

  3. I have a HP F4400. Yosemite supposedly has the Driver Built in. I add the Printer in Sys Pref. I go to Print something. Shows the Printer in Dock for a second. Then it goes away & nothing happens. HP does not have a Driver or Software for Yosemite. I've installed  a lot of Printers on my Mac before with no issues. Your Title led me to believe you had the Fix.

  4. I am using a PIXMA MX922 and it will print over the network.  However, it will not scan irrespective of what I do.  Honestly, this video is rudimentary at best; it's a basic setup tutorial without much depth.

  5. Hi just upgraded to Yosemite, now my Canon ip4300 isn't connecting.. help please.
    Where do I get the driver package from. I tried to down load from the Canon site, but I couldn't get the soft ware working on my computer, even though it was down loaded. I'm  not highly technical. So a detailed step by step works best for me.. I can follow instructions. Thanks so much.

  6. Mark, those of us who have Canon Pixma 600 series printers can't get our scanner to work because Canon doesn't plan to create the driver for the Yosemite update. I called Canon to find this out, and they want us to buy new printers instead. We need to find a free driver to get around this unless we want to replace our still good printer. Frankly, I am surprised at the news.

  7. I updated the drivers/software on my Canon MX922 on my Macbook Pro running Yosemite, but when I go to the printer preferences, it's not showing in the list as available to add.

  8. USB and USB hubs are now an issue with Yosemite. Before, no matter which USB port was plugged on the printer, With Yosemite, you have to try any USB port, and you will see that some does not work, some does…

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