Remove FMI and icloud from activated devices, Disable icloud and Find my iphone

Update: Note!! DO NOT ERASE CONTENT AND SETTING!!!! Only erase settings to avoid getting stuck in the activation screen!! You will be asked full email and password!!!!! This is good for FMI OFF to jailbreak and add your own info only!!!
This method is to remove the find my iphone feature and icloud from devices that have an account attached and password is unknown or lost. You can you this tutorial to add your own icloud account and find my iphone as well as jailbreak idevices that MUST have FMI OFF!
Credit goes to “Myicloud Bypass” , @idevicetool for the info and great ideas! Links here for files and tutorials :


  1. please i have tested your backup and i have changed the info like your video
    for iphone 4s when i clik restore it give me this error

    could' not start service

  2. I have used this method an it works great i have been using my phone for a few months now without any issues. My question though is i am using a jailbroken iPhone 6 plus on iOS 8.1.3 and i just purchased a apple watch. the iPhone must b at least b on iOS 8.1.4 to get the iPhone apple watch app, so i can not use the new watch that i purchased. I am willing to loose the jailbreak to be able to use my new watch but i would have to update the phone. I know that you can not update the phone with iTunes and a computer. but i think i read that u could update the phone via over the air method in settings when i first used this method to bypass iCloud. is there any way to update my phone that is jailbroken with out it asking for the previous owners iCloud.

  3. if this works it will clearly remove icloud Id from any i device
    , find my phone off = you can remove icloud without any passcode or even internet connection 😛 . tried and working , thank's 🙂

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