Removing rEFIt From Your Intel Based Mac Computer

This video shows you how to remove rEFIt from your Intel based Mac computer and revert it to a single boot OSX machine.


  1. Amen to that! Speaking of backing up: can a mountain lion computer be restored to a backup of a computer that was running on lion and still have all preferences and changes saved?

  2. It should work with all Intel based Macs that have rEFIt on them. I haven't tried it out on the newer versions though. Just remember when you are messing with your computer, always back up your important data first.

  3. I did a series of videos on how to triple boot your MacBook. rEFIt gives you the graphical boot loader and Bootcamp provides the drivers. So basically you can use rEFIt and then go back and get all the correct drivers through Bootcamp. I no longer own a Mac so I don't know how this works on modern systems.

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