Simple How to insert new sim and activate unlock on iPhone 4 without restore or update

Simple How to activate unlock on iPhone 4 without restore or update. Keep ios 5 and jailbreak. Insert New sim.

Easy guide – Have you already unlocked your iphone 4 and Are you changing carriers? Once you have received a new microsim, this is what you need to do to activate the unlock without having to restore the phone and you can keep your version of ios if you don’t want to update. I wanted to avoid upgrading to ios 6 as my phone is jailbroken.

I thought this might be useful to upload to youtube as I activated the unlock and changed network carrier myself recently and thought it might potentially help any other noobs out there like me who are unsure what to do with a new sim.

Don’t worry – its surprisingly easy!

Sorry that I had to slow mo the ‘activating phone’ now screen as I wasn’t expecting it to happen so fast and easily! It will pretty much activate automatically after you see the ‘Activation Required’ notice once you turn the phone off and on again.


  1. Hi M Power, have you already called three Sweden to unlock your IMEI (this might cost you a fee charged by three Sweden)? Once they have told you the phone is unlocked, then this tutorial will help you activate the unlock through iTunes/your phone once you try to put in the Vodafone sim.

    I also recommended you do a phone backup just in case but I didn't have to restore from backup nor upgrade iOS to activate my unlock.

    I was on Telstra Australia, luckily they unlock IMEI for no charge here.

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