Surface Pro 4 / Pro 3 / Surface 3 – How to Factory Restore and/or Restore Recovery Partition

Want to wipe all the partitions on your SP3 or S3?

Lost your recovery thumb drive?

Want to recover the recovery partition so you can sell your device?

I’ll show you how to recover your SP3 or S3 to a factory default state even if you have totally blitzed your S3 or SP3’s SSD or installed a linux installation.

IMPORTANT: If you are having issues booting even after following these steps… try another thumb drive! Some surface devices just don’t like certain models of thumb drives.
Also, try naming your drive “ESD-USB” and see if that helps

Links mentioned in the video:

This guide is super easy, all you need is an 8GB or larger thumb drive to perform the operation and a microsoft account.

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  1. I have a surface pro 3 and I want to sell it. When I try to do a factory reset it won't finish. When is in progress it stops and a massage comes up saying that there was a problem resetting your pc . I try it a couple of times and still the same shit.

  2. We have a Surface Pro 3 in my lab which was used by a former employee. It had BitLocker enabled, and we didn't have the passcode. I did not know how to get it usable until I saw your video. Fortunately there don't seem to be any activation issues, which was a real surprise. THANKS!

  3. hi, that is a reall nice soltiion there but m file is almost 8gb and I cant download it through IDM meaning I cant resume each time my internet mess up. can you pls download it and upload for me? so that I can download with IDM PLEASE. the S/N is 032973453352

  4. Great instructional, step by step guide. one of the best out there.
    My issue was with the MSP 4 where no partitions were found, easily sorted with the instructions here. Microsoft states for some reason that once recovered, the recovery partition will not be stored on the device. another words reset can only be done through thumb drive in future. Don't know whether this feature is only relevant to win 10 but thought it might be worth mentioning anyway.

  5. Hi, thank you for posting this video. I followed all the way to LIST DISK, and only disk I see is "Disk 0, Online, 14 GB – this is the recovery USB drive. I do not see any other Disk. Can you help?

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