The Best Options to Backup and Restore to Your Phone

Now we don’t physically connect our tablets and phones to desktops and laptops as much as we once did, and newer device operating systems and programs like iCloud has decreased that necessity as well. However there are simply and free options to save the contacts, photos, videos, and documents on our devices. Online storage providers such as Dropbox, Box, GDrive, and Microsoft’ OneDrive all have no cost options and apps to facilitate the transfer of your files and media. Now this isn’t a complete backup solution like Apples’ iCloud, but many people are only concerned about preserving the memories that are captured on their phones or tablet that can’t be replaced.
There are physical accessories that aid in storing and transferring your devices treasures as well. A quick search of Amazon can easily provide you with more than enough options of external mobile storage devices that can accommodate virtually any device connection type. These accessories connect via the charging port and allow you to move your files from your device to this medium and then connect the external storage to your computer, laptop, tablet, or another phone. Another option is an accessory like the Meem charging cable. Unlike conventional charging cables, the Meem can perform a local backup of your device while it’s charging.
Like the iCloud for iPhone, both Helium and CMBackup are options for those that are seeking a truly restorable backup. The only differences are that CMBackups do not provide back ups of apps, so those would need to be reinstalled. Also, Helium has the unique feature of using online storage accounts like Dropbox, to save your backups and source your restores.

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