The Death of the Mac OS X Aqua UI

Aqua was great back in the early stages of Mac OS X but it definitely needed to be upgradated, the UI looks great and function better as well. Good choice Apple, I would hate to see Aqua in this version of OS X.

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  1. Aqua was so attractive you just wanted to lick it.. now thats gone. I liked that juicy gummy aqua look. It just made using a mac feel slick and it had a special glow to it. and i am all for rounded corners. They make things feel friendly. Im so sad to see so many of these special elements lost. I wish they would bring back that attractive texture and eye candy along with wobbly windows while still maintaining a sleek professional GUI.

  2. @13579Winter No not the aqua effect, yourgeekneeds was wondering about the light in the dock not coming on by default under each app. I've seen a video where you can put them back on again.

  3. Sorry but I still love the aqua effect, and the rounded shape certainly isn't "ugly". I get people are tired and want a change I would like to have the option to keep it aqua or replace it by something for the next century like when OS X first came out. The new interface is nice but only nice and cold closer to pc . Windows 8 is plain ugly but windows 7 is actually almost nicer. I love the mac feel and now it is getting colder.
    I will get lion because it's good refresh i want more colors

  4. The Squared, and rounded buttons are kind of sad, they remind me of Windows 7 too much, the aqua was a dead give away to someone who didnt know much about computers that it was a mac, now the UI is just too similar to windows for me to want to switch to Lion for that reason alone, immediately at least, if it were possible to get the aqua UI back on Lion (more than unlikely/impossible) i would be fine with that, anyone else still like the aqua UI?

  5. @j2ching I really don't know how to answer this, you don't have to input a serial key or any type of activation key yet Apple makes you buy a family pack when you want multiple licensees (on previous versions of OS X). As far as I know of their is no type of activation in Lion yet

  6. @OctavioGaitan It will confuse a lot of OS X users but like iOS, Apple wants OS X apps to auto resume and have better background services so weather you are opening the app for the first time or just restoring the app it will always become a seamless experience and if the user doesn't like it, Apple has an option to turn them back on in the system preferences. Watch out for a video that I'll be doing that shows those little changes inside of OS X in the next few days and how to fix them.

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