Which file types can be recovered with Disk Drill for Mac OS?

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If you are one of the lucky ones, who haven’t already experienced data loss then, Disk Drill Basic is
a great, free way to help ward off the inevitable. If you are one of the unlucky ones who have
already lost data, photos or mp3s, then one of the paid versions of Disk Drill will be the option for
trying to recover any lost data. Disk Drill comes in three different versions Pro, Enterprise and Expert.

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Disk Drill can recover:
– Video File Types
DV (Digital Video)
FCP (Final Cut Pro)
FLA (Editable Adobe Flash movie)
FLV (Flash video)
FCPEVENT (Final Cut Events)
M2T (HDV video)
M2TS (Blu-ray BDAV Video)
M4P (iTunes Music Store audio)
M4V (iTunes video)
MKV (Matroska Video)
MOV (Apple QuickTime movie)
MP4 (MPEG-4 video)
MPG (MPEG video)
MXF (Material Exchange Format)
RM (RealMedia)
SWF (Flash movie)
TOD (JVC Everio Video Capture)
WMV (Windows Media Video)

– Audio File Types
AA (Audible Audio Book)
CAF (Core Audio File)
CDA (CD Audio Track)
CPR (Cubase Project)
DS2 (Digital Speech Standard Pro)
FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec)
FLP (FruityLoops Project)
M4A (Apple Lossless Audio)

-Photo and Graphic Files Types
AEP (After Effects Project)
AI (Adobe Illustrator)
ALBM (HP Photo Software Album)
ANI (Windows Animated Cursor)
ARW (Sony Digital Camera)
BLEND (Blender 3D Data file)
BMP (Bitmap)
BPN (ArchiCAD Backup)
C4D (Cinema 4D Model)
CR2 (Canon Raw Image)
DJVU (DjVu Images)
DNG (Digital Negative)
DPX (Cineon image file)
ICNS (Mac OS X Icon)
ICO (Windows Icon)
IDML (Adobe InDesign Markup Language)
INDB (Adobe InDesign Book)
INDD (Adobe InDesign)
INDL (Adobe InDesign Library)
INX (Adobe InDesign Interchange)
JNB (SigmaPlot)
JPG (JPEG image)
KDC (Kodak Photo-Enhancer File)
KEY (Apple iWork Keynote)
LRCAT (Adobe Lightroom Catalog)
LXO (Luxology Modo)
MA (Maya Project)
MAX (Autodesk 3ds Max Scene)
MB (Maya Binary Project)
MP (Maya PLE Project)
MPO (Multi Picture Object File or simply stereo images)
NEF (Nikon camera RAW image)
NRW (Nikon Raw Image File)
ORF (Olympus camera RAW image)
PEF (Pentax RAW image)
PLN (ArchiCAD Project File)
PNG (Portable Network Graphic)
PSB (Adobe Photoshop Large Document Format)
PSD (Adobe Photoshop)
SRW (Samsung camera RAW image)
SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)
TPL (ArchiCAD Project Template)

– Document Files Types
1CD (Russian Finance 1C:Enterprise 8)
DOC (Microsoft Word)
DOCX (Microsoft Word)
EMLX (Apple Mail Message)
ENL (Endnote Library)
EPUB (Open Ebook file)
ICS (iCalendar)
IPA (iPhone or iPod Touch Application)
ITL (iTunes Library File)
KDB (KeePass Password Database)
KDBX (KeePass Password Database)
KEYCHAIN (Mac OS X Keychain File)
LNK (MS Windows Link)
LYX (LyX Document)
MINDNODE (MindNode document)
MM (FreeMind)
PAGES (Apple iWork Pages)
PDF (Portable Document Format)
PPT (Microsoft PowerPoint)
PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint)
PRPROJ (Premiere Pro Project)
PSS (Password Saver)
SDW (StarOffice Writer)
SWIFT (SWIFT source codes, XCode)
XLS (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet)
XLSX (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet)
XMCD (MathCAD 14)
XML (XML) Note: The XML format is not checked by default.
XMP (Adobe Extensible Metadata Platform)

Archive Files Types

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